Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More Damaging Than Trump

To the planet

These people buy coffee in disposable cups, EVERY DAY. Many of them driving carbon generators which they park inconsiderately in the bus stop.  Given the vast number of people that do this daily, the garbage and the carbon imprint of the manufacturing of the cups as well as waste disposal increases at an increasingly staggeringly exponential rate..  They create the demand for pipelines like the Keystone Pipeline.

Starbucks says it sells 3,861,778,846  cups of coffee a year.  Let's charitably assume that 20% are reusable cups  At 1.1 metric tones of carbon for every 2000 cups that comes to 1.7 million metric tonnes (3.7 billion pounds) of carbon per year.  And, that doesn't include the carbon generated by the polyurethane inside the cup when in the landfill, nor the transportation of the waste., nor the cups from other restaurants and sources. Nor are we talking about the volume of pollution created    We being very conservatively generous to convenience coffee consumers

 Maybe you know someone like this?